spectral lines

spectral lines
спектральные линии, линии спектра

English-russian astronautics dictionary. - M.: Military Publishing house. . 1964.

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  • Spectral bands — are part of optical spectra of polyatomic systems, including condensed materials, large molecules etc. Each line corresponding to one level in atom splits in molecules. When the number of atoms is large, one gets continuum of energy levels, so… …   Wikipedia

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  • Spectral linewidth — The spectral linewidth characterizes the width of a spectral line, such as in the electromagnetic emission spectrum of an atom, or the frequency spectrum of an acoustic or electronic system. For example, the emission of an atom usually has a very …   Wikipedia

  • spectral series — Physics. a series of lines in the spectrum of light emitted by excited atoms of an element, each line being related to the others in the series by a simple numerical equation and identified with a particular energy level of an atom of the element …   Useful english dictionary

  • Spectral efficiency — Spectral efficiency, spectrum efficiency or bandwidth efficiency refers to the information rate that can be transmitted over a given bandwidth in a specific communication system. It is a measure of how efficiently a limited frequency spectrum is… …   Wikipedia

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  • Spectral analysis — may refer to:* Spectrum analysis, in physics, a method of analyzing the chemical properties of matter from bands in their optical spectrum * Spectral theory, in mathematics, a theory that extends eigenvalues and eigenvectors to linear operators… …   Wikipedia

  • spectral line — n. any of a number of lines in a spectrum produced by the emission of electromagnetic radiation from an excited atom: a spectral line represents the energy difference between two energy levels …   English World dictionary

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  • Spectral sequence — In the area of mathematics known as homological algebra, especially in algebraic topology and group cohomology, a spectral sequence is a means of computing homology groups by taking successive approximations. Spectral sequences are a… …   Wikipedia

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